1999 Ford FT-900 Pack.

Ford FT-900 Truck Pack. For Farming Simulator 22.

(read me)
I don’t remember exactly when I started this mod since the old Facebook page was taken over by, well you know…the H word.
Anyways, it’s been a long time coming for me to finish it, and a metric crap ton of work that I’ve put into this mod. I hope that y’all will enjoy it.
Please refer to the latest YouTube Video
for all the options that this mod includes. This truck should cover any task you can think of on your virtual Farm. It looks like an F700/F800. But the difference in this
truck is the FT-900 is a Tandem(3 Axle) Truck. This is a true Pack, the file size is not small.

There are 4 trucks to choose from that should all be next to each other in the store.

In the first truck you can choose from a 5th wheel/road tractor option, Flatbed, Cargo Box, Reefer Box, Logging Bed, AR Grain Frame, Dump Bed Frame. (Flatbed, Log Bed, and Box/Reefer Truck
have Tension Belts.)

Second is a Milk/Water Tanker straight truck.

Third is a Feeder Truck that has the Kuhn RA142 feed box, it includes the meter inside the cab of the truck.

Fourth Truck is a Manure Spreading Truck. I took the in game Kuhn Slinger, re-modeled it, and scripted it into this truck.

All Trucks Will Have The Following Options:

Grill Options: Standard XL Black Plastic, Gray Plastic, and Chrome

Headlight Bezel’s: Standard Plastic, and Chrome.

Bumpers: Black, Stainles Steel, and Chrome.

Wheels: Dayton Style Rims, Steel, and Alcoa. With Continental Tires.

Tons of Colour Options for the main cab.

All frame/Trucks have a rear attatcher/Pintle Hook.

Dump Box, and Grain Box Options are found in the Misc category with implements. Credits go to AgroTron Modding for the Grain Box.

Sounds: Cummins 5.9.

Animations: For the Box Trailer, side door is Mouse Control, rear door is the X key. Dump Box is N for the tarp.

Credits: Whiskey Sierra Modding, Driver UA for the model, Half Assed Modding for the Log Bed, and Agro Tron Modding for the Grain Box.

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