2022 Freightliner Cascadia XT/Condo Sleeper Truck

My Flagship Truck From FS19, now available for FS22.

Changelog: Added a third larger brush guard option. Removed the shifting transmission gimmick, it didn’t work properly with the real truck sounds. The IRL truck is an Auto anyway. Also added another Headache Rack Option.

If you’re reading this, I’m glad you guys are still here and supporting me. You don’t know what it means to me, I started WSM just as a hobby and it grew into one of the bigger modding brands in Farming Simulator. I know I have a long road to hoe for the future having to start the Facebook page over, but what can you do. I hope you guys enjoy this truck as much as I enjoyed building it.

I took the options straight from Freightliners build and price. So here they are:

Tons of Bumper, Fairing, and Tank/Step configurations.

DD15 Detroit sounds and options. DT-12 Automatic transmission, and detailed engine.

Alcoa and Steel Wheel Options.

Cab Fairing, and Rear Fender Options.

Several different camera angles you can cycle through.

Color Options: Body, Frame, Interior and wheels

Headache Racks, Tool Box, and Tanker Hose Rack

Side Box Options(only works with short tanks/steps)

Daytime Running Lights

Visor Options

Rear Fender and AeroX Options

Bumper Trim Options

Opening Hood with Mouse Control.

Bull guards that fold down with the X Key.

I may have missed something, but enjoy the mod.

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