The April Fools Joke That Shook a Community

Those who know me, and who I am in the Farming Simulator community know that I have a sense of humor that some may find off putting, and occasionally I enjoy a bit of shitposting. It comes with my chosen profession, and having a fornicated sense of humor helps those of us in our line of work deal with trauma and stress. That being said those who didn’t know me before this post were nearly foaming at the mouth in anger when they realized that on todays date(as I’m writing this) on April 1st 2022 that it is known collectively around the world as April Fools day, and realized in fact Giant’s are not obtaining the licensing for Pete and Freightliner. Some got mad enough at the post they reacted and then commented on it. Only to get even more upset to the point they deleted their comments, and subsequently un-liked the post. Now I didn’t expect the reaction I got from this whole post…mainly because I am a horrible liar, like incapable of lying. But apparently many of you fell for it, and obviously, were offended by it. I want to say this wasn’t a jab at console players of the game as a whole, however it most definitely a light hearted jab at those who have been commenting on every post for the last 2 years asking if one of my brand name semi trucks are coming to console. The answer has always been the same, so this post was to make light of that. No I didn’t message Giants, and they immediately ran out and contacted Daimler trucks, and Paccar to obtain the licensing for Freightliner and Peterbilt just because I asked them to. The only truth in that is it takes forever for them to do anything, because of how stringent their Mod Hub standards are now, they have a backlog of 20k plus mods waiting to be tested. That being said console players will most likely never see any truck mods from me at all. And if they keep this up It may be months until I have another mod on all platforms. I said all that to say this. It’s a video game about tractors, lighten up learn how to laugh and take a joke. Come up from the basement, and read that sign that your Mom Karen has hanging in the Kitchen wall that reads: Live. Laugh. Love….. (That’s the last joke today I promise). There’s no point in going through life being offended and pissed off at everything all the time. Don’t take everything so seriously. Take a deep breath and live a little.