2014 Peterbilt 386

Peterbilt Uni-Built Sleeper Truck

I decided it was time to drop the link to this truck. The model was donated by one of my Patrons (Rainey95) back in FS19,and it was never finished for that game. I have finally finished it for FS22 with tons of options.

Here are the features on this truck, take your time to read them. It’s one of the more option heavy trucks I’ve done.:

-Color Options: Body, Painted Visor, Painted Bumper, Round/Tag Fenders, Frame, Wheels, and Tanks.

-Headache Rack Options: Merritt Rack, and Merritt Rack with Spare Tire, Merritt Dyna-Drom Rack, ACE Tool Box Rack, ACE Logging Rack, Protech Tanker Hose Rack, Protech Flat Bed Rack with Chains and Binders.

-Visor Options: Painted, Chrome, Drop, Bowtie, Big Drop Visor. I also added Chrome Window Chops to all Visor Configurations.

-Bull Bumper Options: Black, and Chrome for three of the four Bumper Options.

-Bumper Options: Painted with Fog Lights, Chrome, Chrome Drop Bumper with Chicken Lights, Herd Defender Bumper. Front License Plates are available on all Bumper configs.

-Real Cummins ISX 15 Sounds. Standard and Tuned Engine Configs.

-Exhaust Pipe Options: Standard Dual, Straight Turnouts, Straight Miter Pipes.

-Fairing Options: Sleeper End Farings, Sleeper End Fairings with Roof Cap.

-Wheel Options: Steel, Steel with Chrome Hub, Aero Rear Caps, Alcoa, Peterbilt, and Alcoa HD Wheels.

-Opening Hood with Mouse Control(X), as well as animated engine fan and belts.

-Optional Chicken Lights.

-Rear Fender Options, Eight to Be Exact.

-Protech Side Step Box Options on all Frame Options.

-Frame Options: Tandem, Stretch Frame, and Tag Axle Options.

-Highly Detailed Interior.

-Paccar/Cummins key on, idle, run, and Jake Brake sounds.

-Credits: Whiskey Sierra Modding, Rainey, Half Assed Mods, Seriousmods

-Price: $153,000

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