FS22 Placeables

UNIA Karma 16 Dry Storage Tank V1.0 For Farming Simulator 22

Here’s the Unia Dry Storage tank from the game, it has been modified to hold multiple materials.

About Me

Hi, its Wayne here with Whiskey Sierra Modding. I founded this webpage after tiring of dealing with 3rd Party Websites Like Modhub, and Mod-Network. I’ve been at this since the fall of 2019 so If it’s your first time here. Feel free to look around and check out my work.

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RX-78-2 Gundam Mobile Suit Statue. This is is a work in progress thats COMING SOON!!!

Being a fan of the entire Gundam Franchise since Gundam Wing landed on our shores in the year 2000, I couldn’t help but make this “Granddaddy” RX-78 as an outgoing “Bordem” Project for FS19. I ended up liking how it looked in game and thought it would be a cool addition for Anime fans that play FS.

Meridian Liquid Storage Tank.

This is the in game tank that has been modified to accommodate: Water, Herbicide, and Liquid Fertilizer. You can purchase or store said liquids in these tanks.